The Turtle Wizard’s Fantastic Mobile Home – Pilot Title Card

The Dream Machine: Somewhere Between the Realms of Déjà vu & Jamais vu

The Dream Machine™ inside my head has gotten stuck on the setting that produces dreams of her. Sometimes she is the main attraction in these productions. Other times, she is just a bit player. And, on the rare occasion, just there. A prop in the mise-en-scène of my dream.

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain

Mr Bubbles

The Life & Times of Mr Tree

The Boogie Monster Crew

"Whiskey Icarus"Portrait of Kyle Kinane "Whopperrino, no cheese"Portrait of Dave Stone Check out their podcast "The Boogie Monster" and grown men talk about food and a little bit about ghosts and things.


Who says you can't improve on bad art? Before After Please vote if you haven't done so. And if you have voted, don't forget to tell other people to vote. If you can't vote, remind those who can how important it is to vote.

“Hercule Poirot Goes On Vacation”

Marc Maron

The last time I flew to the States, my mom wanted to watch End Times Fun together. We did. Then a second time. Whoever comes over she has watch it. Thanks, Marc, for making my mom laugh. I mean, I laughed too. It was funny & everything is on fire. #art @marcmaron #ArtOfTheDay

Tom Waits

My aunt Debbie fostered two loves in my life: art and Tom Waits. She did that for a lot young people. Well, the art part anyway. The art room at a locale elementary school is now named after her for doing this for the youth.

Kurt Vonnegut, American Saint

James Baldwin, American Saint

My Mother the Klimt Fan

It’s like Don’t Tread On Me but said by someone from Sheepshead Bay

Police Tear Gas Protesters So That Trump Can Promote New Book

Napoleon: Famous Ass-Face


IsolationbyD.L. Martin

Last Art of the Decade: You Can Never Hold Back Spring

Quick art: Late Fall

Chess And Laundry: A Film Review

“Chess and Laundry,” written and directed by George Abi-Hanna, is David Lynch directs the Seventh Seal meets a Kung Fu movie based on a script by a jazz composer with sound editing done in Tom Waits’ tool shed. In other words, a surrealist, existential, political sight and sound roundup centered around a man and a woman fighting it out over a chess board.

Get on out

"Get on out." Original Art Work.


Memories of breakfast. Click to read more.

The Disembodied Head Of George

The Short Life & Times of the Turtle Wizard

I was going to start a webcomic about a guy traveling Germany searching for cryptids, especially the Woggle, and learning the language. Here is my art for character’s office. I guess I can say it’s on hold for the time being. I might return to it once I got a new story-line as the original … Continue reading The Short Life & Times of the Turtle Wizard

Art: Butcher from “The Boys”

Alright, here we go. So, I haven't been that active with anything lately. Enjoy. And if you haven't, check out The Boys.

Misadventure in the Habitation of Devils: Or, The Age of Bond Villain Rejects

Misadventure in the Habitation of Devils: Or, The Age of Bond Villain Rejects - Rant on the Fourth of July, History of American Nazis, and Trump's America.

The Distinguished Bum

The July 4th Issue of The Distinguished Bum with Chief Jim Hopper

Failed Art…

Failed Art... A lesson as to why you should always sketch first.

Thompson For Sheriff

Thompson For Sheriff: Art influenced by Ralph Steadman & quote by HST. Mixed media digital art created by D.L. Martin

Greetings from Hürth!

Greetings from Hürth! Art & German Lesson 2-in-1 special

“Not My Type.”

The Turtle Wizard Serves Dinner

The Turtle Wizard Serves Dinner #art #artwork #mixedmedia #germany #dürüm #dinner #turtle #wizard #cartoon #abstractart #collage #collageart #formywife

Open Letter To Dan Crenshaw: You Are Mistaken

My response to Dan Crenshaw's tweets about needing to explain the justification of concentration camps for migrants by stating inaccuracies about the Holocaust.

Art: Death Takes A Vacation

#Art: Death Takes A Vacation #mixedmediaart #color #modernart #contemporaryart #artist #abstract #paint #mixedmedia #abstractart

Art: Moon

Late Night Artin' of the Moon #IMadeThis #Art #Abstract #GraphicDesign #artwork

Art: Hunter S. Thompson**

Late Night Artin' of the Late Hunter S. Thompson

On The Nightstand: The Frank Marr Series By David Swinson

Philip Marlowe drank Old Forester. Sam Spade drank a premixed Manhattan from a paper cup. Lew Archer drank, well, pretty much anything. But Frank Marr prefers uppers over downers. That doesn't mean he doesn't hit the sauce, uppers are just a preference, a powdery, snortable preference. And if all of those fictional Private Eyes but … Continue reading On The Nightstand: The Frank Marr Series By David Swinson

A Brief History of America Is Better Than This


“Hail To El Jefe” 2018 – Ash Vs. Evil Dead: In Memoriam

In the age of superhero movies and nostalgic revamps/remakes/revisits, maybe Ash Vs. Evil Dead wasn't the hero show audiences deserved but definitely the hero show we needed—to save us from the same old shit. Ash Williams isn't military trained nor an eccentric multi-billionaire but rather a one-handed ValueStop stockboy from Elk Grove, Michigan who unwittingly unleashes … Continue reading “Hail To El Jefe” 2018 – Ash Vs. Evil Dead: In Memoriam

Motivation For Puppets – Part III: Commuting Life Hack

Motivation For Puppets - Part III: Commuting Life Hack

“Motivation For Puppets: Part I & II”

"Motivation For Puppets: Part I & II" - Motivational Puppet Quotes

Weekend Small Art Projects

Weekend #art projects.

“Lev & The Easter Bunny,” 2018

"Lev & The Easter Bunny" is based on a picture artist and creator of Tales of Mere Existence Lev Yilmaz posted on FaceBook: Unfortunately, the image shrunk when exporting it and this detail is hard to read:

Vintage K. Doonesbury: The Big Apple

Vintage K. Doonesbury: The Big Apple - Portland’s unofficial slogan might be “Keep Portland Weird,” but for New York it is just a mutual understanding among the locals. When you have a population of over 8,000,000 people, Weird is naturally going to be a demographic the politicians will have to cater to along with the Rich and the Poor and 1,000 shades in between.

You Were Never Really Here: A Review For People With No Time For Reviews

Earlier this week, I picked up You Were Never Really Here by Jonathan Ames (creator of Bored to Death and Blunt Talk). Here's my review.

This Is Twitter News™*

This Is Twitter News™*: The one where Laura Ingraham & Roseanne Barr use Twitter...

“How do you get in the way of your own success?”

How do you get in the way of your own success?

“My Boyfriend Calls Me By A Guy’s Name”

"My Boyfriend Calls Me By A Guy's Name"
I've been with my boyfriend for three months. When we have sex...

It’s 2018 and you have to ask yourself: Why is Rick Santorum still a thing?

"How about kids instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that when there is a violent shooter that you can actually respond to that," Rick Santorum said on CNN's State of the Union. Let me translate this mile-high bullshit … Continue reading It’s 2018 and you have to ask yourself: Why is Rick Santorum still a thing?

Artwork by Lev Yilmaz

Good stuff by Lev Yilmaz.

Video Intro Draft #2

With sound:

How To Get The South To Rise Again In 4 Easy Steps! (You won’t believe #2)

The Billy Graham Funeral Experience

I find this photo of Billy Graham's funeral kind of weird. This is how it plays out in my mind: Employee: "Welcome to the Billy Graham Funeral Experience. Did you folks have the Premium Experience? Great, that comes with a souvenir group photo. Everyone say 'CHEEEEEEESSSSEEEEE-US!' Fantastic folks, this will be ready in 20 minutes." … Continue reading The Billy Graham Funeral Experience

Groko is a go.

Olaf Scholz and Dietmar Nietan were late to the stage, delaying the announcement of the #Groko vote results, so they had Willy Brandt tell some statue jokes to hold the crowd over.

“Barry Crimmins” – For A Saint

A man I admired greatly has passed on. Barry Crimmins was an American saint for all that he did. They say you should never meet your heroes but I did. And I'm thankful for it.

Draft Animation – Moving Art

  I've been toying around with animating and making "moving art." This is a draft of something I put together late last night. It took me nearly 4 hours to get the trees, mountains, and clouds all made. As you can see from the video, the clouds and trees still don't want to react right. … Continue reading Draft Animation – Moving Art

AI-Generated Motivational Message #1: The Damn Machines Are Onto Something…

State of the Uniom

From the makers of CLEAN COAL comes...

“Taika Waititi”

3am Drawing – Cool Kid

“Bukowski The Drinker,” 2017

"When I went to the Yellow Cab Company I passed the Cancer Building and I remembered that there were worse things than looking for a job you didn't want." -Charles Bukowski, Factotum

Kevin Spacey-Free Trailer of All The Money In The World (VIDEO*) Now With 100% More Christopher Plummer

Kevin Spacey is out, Christopher Plummer is in. Updated version of All The Money In the World’s trailer as done with what was left over in the budget.

(*Made just for shits-and-giggles)

More Photoshop Fun: Late Night in the Cafe

Photoshop Fun: Pulp Waits… or, Tom Fiction. No, Pulp Waits.

Life Hack – Halloween Edition

“Jet-Lagged,” 2017

Fact #1

I got a message recently from someone asking to know more about me. So I thought I would leave some facts here about myself. Fact #1: I was born at a really young age.

In Which My Camera Had A Stroke* – Newport, OR

*Not photoshopped or doctored in anyway, just an error with my digital camera.

Video Schmideo

Twin Peaks: Diane’s Talk With The FBI

Twin Peaks: Dale Cooper is…


Twin Peaks: Gates, Gatekeepers, Life, and Death – Lynch & Kafka

Dossier #5 - Lynch & Kafka - Gates, Gatekeepers, Life, & Death

The Eclipse 2017: Portland, OR

“Man Waiting On Bus”, 2017

“Marty Feldman by Schiele,” 2017

Have you ever stayed up late one Friday night and wondered what it would have looked like if Egon Schiele drew and painted Marty Feldman? No? ... Yeah, me neither.

“Sunflower”, 2017

“NoodS*”, 2017, charcoal

*NOTE: Stepped outside and heard someone say, " drawing a spoon but upside down." I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

Coffee & A Self-Portrait*

*Eyes are hard. Glasses are easy.

Twin Peaks: The Joy and Terror of Family

Dossier #4: The Joy and Terror of Family in Twin Peaks.

Super Short Movie and TV Reviews #2: Comrade Detective, Space Dandy, The Dark Valley, & GLOW

Super Short Movie and TV reviews for Comrade Detective, Space Dandy, The Dark Valley, and Glow

Super Short Movie & TV Reviews #1: Dunkirk, Ozark, Castlevania, & LEGI⊗N

Movie and TV reviews for those who don't have time to read movie and TV reviews.

Twin Peaks: Then and Now – Gordon Cole

Those French lessons are finally paying off. Now time to enjoy that fine Bordeaux.

Twin Peaks: It’s Happening Again – Electric Time, Part II

Dossier #3.5: Time in Twin Peaks and AC/DC Electricity

Twin Peaks: How You VS. Everyone Else Sees You

For fans and non-fans alike!

Early Morning Fright: Stranger Tears Mainz Man From His Sleep

Strange German news from Mainz.

Thursday Funday #1

Wednesday Funday #1

Twin Peaks: Short Thought

A short thought about Gordon Cole's doodle.

Sunday Funday Art #2

Twin Peaks: It’s Happening Again – Time, and Time Again, Part 1

Dossier #3: Time and Time Again, PART 1

Wedding Day Funday #1

RIP Marriage 2017-2019

Monday Notsofunday #1