Early Morning Fright: Stranger Tears Mainz Man From His Sleep

MAINZ – Thursday morning, close to 5 a.m., a loud noise and a sudden, incipient brightness tore a 22-year-old man from his dreams while in his apartment on Hans-Böckler-Straße. As he opened his eyes, a strange man stood before his bed and said something in a language unknown to him. At the same time, this strange man pointed at the empty bottles with refundable deposits next to the 22-year-old’s bed.

As the man, drunk with sleep, shook his head, the stranger left the apartment without saying a word and the young man slept on. Not until a few hours later, after getting out of bed,  did the incident cross his mind again as he noticed the apartment door was open and damaged. He notified the police, however nothing was stolen.

The stranger, according to police information, was about 20-25 years-old, roughly 5’6″ or 5’7.5″ tall, skinny, wore short black hair, a full-beard, and was dressed in a knee-long, black winter coat. His appearance was described as Mediterranean. The Mainz criminal investigation depart are taking tips at 06131-653633.

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