Super Short Movie & TV Reviews #1: Dunkirk, Ozark, Castlevania, & LEGI⊗N


A bunch of British doppelgängers try to leave a beach while Tom Hardy’s eyes kill Sky-Nazis.


Story: B+ (Too many cooks in the kitchen to be attached to any character and, seriously, is it just me or do all young British men all look the same? Was casting call for skinny, pale guys with darkish hair?)
Visuals and Sound: A+

Ozark (Episodes 1-5)

Breaking Bad Season 2 with Rednecks.


Story: B- (Originality a C+, Character development B)
Visuals and Sound: B (Better than average)

Castlevania (Netflix)

This is getting good… and it’s over. Like eating a good meal and the waiter takes it away after 4 bites.


Story: A- (Overall a solid B but the humor is A+)
Visuals and Sound: A (Above-average animation)


Did I take acid? I must have taken some acid. When did I take acid?


Story: A-
Visuals and Sound: A (for a TV show this was good stuff)

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