Open Letter To Dan Crenshaw: You Are Mistaken

Below is my response to Dan Crenshaw’s tweets about needing to explain the justification of concentration camps for migrants by stating inaccuracies about the Holocaust. Please see his tweets below:

Dear Dan Crenshaw,
As someone with a Master’s degree in German Studies, I would like to point out a glaring flaw in your argument. Namely, with regards to concentration camps and the Holocaust, people are or were “unjustly sought out and confined,” as you put it. And maybe it is due to your ignorance on the subject matter that you don’t know better. But, if legality equates justification then, as based on your arguments, the Holocaust would have been justified. Because Jews, blacks, homosexuals, Roma, communists, disabled people, and clergy weren’t just sought out and confined willy-nilly. No, there were laws (for example: Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, the Nuremberg Laws, and the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring) and those laws led to people being sought out and confined.

These people were seen as “illegals” and stripped of their rights as humans. And we all know how that turned out. I would like to remind you that our service people liberated those “illegals” confined to concentration camps not because they were illegally put there in the eyes of the law in Nazi-Germany, but rather it was morally wrong for them to be there. But maybe if you were around back then, you too might have stood up for the laws of Nazi-Germany since your comments seem to claim laws are just and the actions carried out because of those laws are done justly so. Who knows. I would like to think otherwise and believe you’re just ignorant of the facts. Because to deny that you are ignorant of the facts means something terrible: You are culpable of downplaying these crimes committed in concentration camps as a means to justify concentration camps in our own country.

A German policeman humiliates a Jewish man in Zawiercie [United States Holocaust Memorial Museum]

Your comments, to quote you once again, “reveal total disregard … [and] a deep ignorance that belittles the horrors of the Holocaust.” When it comes to treating people inhumanly and locking up children, it’s not laws that make something just but the morality. And neither treating people inhumanly nor locking up children will be considered just or moral. Not now and not when the history books are written. I believe you should apologize for your comments downplaying the horrible reasons people were sought out and confined in concentration camps and for being ignorant on the subject matter but claiming some sort of misguided superiority of the subject matter.

CC: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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