Greetings from Hürth!

German lesson:

Muckefuck, [ˈmʊkəˌfʊk], masculine (der), no plural: Coffee substitute or ersatz coffee. Experts give this word two possible origins. The first origin might be the French phrase mocca faux, meaning “false coffee” or “yuck! what is this crap?”, which might have been borrowed during the Franco-German War of 1870 or the French occupation of the Rhineland. The other possible origin is from the Rhenisch dialect’s words Mucken, “brown earth” and fuck, “foul, decayed.” For example, in Colognian: Ach! Wat es dat? Dat es jo fuck un schmeckt noh Mucken! (Ack! What is this? It is foul and tastes like dirt!)

Kölsch, [kœlʃ], neuter (das), no plural: Colognian for beer! And it is served in silly little glasses. Can also be used as an adjective, kölsch, to describe things of and from Cologne.

Example used in a sentence:
Das besondere Glas für Kölsch heißt Stange. (That particular glass used for Kölsch is called Stange [note: Stange means rod or pole or bar.])

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