Twin Peaks: Diane’s Talk With The FBI

Twin Peaks: Dale Cooper is…


Twin Peaks: Gates, Gatekeepers, Life, and Death – Lynch & Kafka

Dossier #5 - Lynch & Kafka - Gates, Gatekeepers, Life, & Death

Twin Peaks: The Joy and Terror of Family

Dossier #4: The Joy and Terror of Family in Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks: Then and Now – Gordon Cole

Those French lessons are finally paying off. Now time to enjoy that fine Bordeaux.

Twin Peaks: It’s Happening Again – Electric Time, Part II

Dossier #3.5: Time in Twin Peaks and AC/DC Electricity

Twin Peaks: How You VS. Everyone Else Sees You

For fans and non-fans alike!

Twin Peaks: Short Thought

A short thought about Gordon Cole's doodle.

Twin Peaks: It’s Happening Again – Time, and Time Again, Part 1

Dossier #3: Time and Time Again, PART 1

Twin Peaks: Keep Your Eye On The Doughnut

Dossier #2: Keep Your Eye On The Doughnut - The Role of Duality in Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks: Speculations Written In The Stars

Dossier #1: Planets, maps, and things...