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Open Letter To Dan Crenshaw: You Are Mistaken

My response to Dan Crenshaw's tweets about needing to explain the justification of concentration camps for migrants by stating inaccuracies about the Holocaust.

On The Nightstand: The Frank Marr Series By David Swinson

Philip Marlowe drank Old Forester. Sam Spade drank a premixed Manhattan from a paper cup. Lew Archer drank, well, pretty much anything. But Frank Marr prefers uppers over downers. That doesn't mean he doesn't hit the sauce, uppers are just a preference, a powdery, snortable preference. And if all of those fictional Private Eyes but … Continue reading On The Nightstand: The Frank Marr Series By David Swinson

Vintage K. Doonesbury: The Big Apple

Vintage K. Doonesbury: The Big Apple - Portland’s unofficial slogan might be “Keep Portland Weird,” but for New York it is just a mutual understanding among the locals. When you have a population of over 8,000,000 people, Weird is naturally going to be a demographic the politicians will have to cater to along with the Rich and the Poor and 1,000 shades in between.

“Barry Crimmins” – For A Saint

A man I admired greatly has passed on. Barry Crimmins was an American saint for all that he did. They say you should never meet your heroes but I did. And I'm thankful for it.

Fact #1

I got a message recently from someone asking to know more about me. So I thought I would leave some facts here about myself. Fact #1: I was born at a really young age.

Twin Peaks: It’s Happening Again – Time, and Time Again, Part 1

Dossier #3: Time and Time Again, PART 1

Twin Peaks: Keep Your Eye On The Doughnut

Dossier #2: Keep Your Eye On The Doughnut -
The Role of Duality in Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks: Speculations Written In The Stars

Dossier #1: Planets, maps, and things...