Mr Bubbles

The Life & Times of Mr Tree

“Hercule Poirot Goes On Vacation”

Tom Waits

My aunt Debbie fostered two loves in my life: art and Tom Waits. She did that for a lot young people. Well, the art part anyway. The art room at a locale elementary school is now named after her for doing this for the youth.

Napoleon: Famous Ass-Face


IsolationbyD.L. Martin

Last Art of the Decade: You Can Never Hold Back Spring

Quick art: Late Fall

Get on out

"Get on out." Original Art Work.

The Disembodied Head Of George

Greetings from Hürth!

Greetings from Hürth! Art & German Lesson 2-in-1 special

Art: Hunter S. Thompson**

Late Night Artin' of the Late Hunter S. Thompson

“Marty Feldman by Schiele,” 2017

Have you ever stayed up late one Friday night and wondered what it would have looked like if Egon Schiele drew and painted Marty Feldman? No? ... Yeah, me neither.

Wedding Day Funday #1

RIP Marriage 2017-2019

Monday Notsofunday #1

Sunday Funday Art #1