The Dream Machine: Somewhere Between the Realms of Déjà vu & Jamais vu

The Dream Machine™ inside my head has gotten stuck on the setting that produces dreams of her. Sometimes she is the main attraction in these productions. Other times, she is just a bit player. And, on the rare occasion, just there. A prop in the mise-en-scène of my dream.

Art: Death Takes A Vacation

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The Billy Graham Funeral Experience

I find this photo of Billy Graham's funeral kind of weird. This is how it plays out in my mind: Employee: "Welcome to the Billy Graham Funeral Experience. Did you folks have the Premium Experience? Great, that comes with a souvenir group photo. Everyone say 'CHEEEEEEESSSSEEEEE-US!' Fantastic folks, this will be ready in 20 minutes." … Continue reading The Billy Graham Funeral Experience